Dear Our Customer

For your any query or inquiry regarding our “Hydrothermal Synthesis Reactor Units” and other equipment,
please feel free to contact the following company, who is currently acting as our reliable and experienced export agents.
Thanking for your cooperation,

              Hiroyuki Karasawa
              President and Chief Executive Officer

☆Yashima Export & Import Co., Ltd.

  9-1, Akasaka 3-Chome, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-8484, Japan
  Tel. 81-3-3588-6473, Fax. 81-3-3588-6312
  E-mail: akashi@ybk.co.jp
  Attn.: Mr. Akashi(Chief)

For the Middle East countries and India, Pakistan and Bangladesh, etc.

☆Xebex International, Ltd.

  105, Shakujii-machi 2-1-4, Nerima-ku, Tokyo 177-0041, Japan
  Fax. 81-3-5372-2583, Email: info@xebex.jp
  Attn.: Mr. H. Kojima